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Does life experience make you a better writer? What do you think?

That's what I'll be talking about with author Amanda Robson, publishing agent Luigi Bonomi and Penguin editor Amelia Fairney. The pleasures and perhaps pitfalls of publishing a little later in life. For me, it's been brilliant. I'm thrilled to have my two novels published. I've met lovely people in the book world and I've visited places I would never have gone to where I've talked about books and writing or given workshops on how to get started. It's been a privilege and a joy - and still is.

I'm looking forward to this panel discussion. It takes place at Orchard House School, Rupert Rd London W4 on Saturday 14th September at 12.45 as part of Chiswick Book Festival (12 - 16 Sept 2019). It's a great festival. Non-profit making, it distributes any money made from ticket sales to local charities. There are big names like AN Wilson and less well known ones (such as mine) with books on many different topics. So come along if you can!

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