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Aren't people in publishing just so lovely!

Only a few sleeps until Wyld Dreamers is born. Like making babies, writing the book was fun and gestation - in both cases - was occasionally scary and often exciting. Giving birth to a baby has to be of the most painful things a woman has to do so there's a big difference between that and receiving into my hands, my second novel. Enough of the birth analogy; I'll stop now. I'm so lucky to have the Urbane team doing their best to promote the book to national and local media outlets including social media so over the next few weeks, readers will hear, read and see mention of the book's existence. I'm talking to book shops, libraries and festival planners about getting the book profile. I'm doing interviews for publications and writing pieces for websites and blogs.

All I think at the end of each day is - aren't people who work in the publishing and around books just so incredibly lovely? Everyone is generous with congratulations when you tell them your book is being published and they all offer to do what they can to help it find an audience. I'm knocked out by it, grateful for their time and appreciate their support. And that's a fact.

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