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'A tender, modern portrait of a marriage'

AN Wilson gives The Huntingfield Paintress a glowing review in The Catholic Herald. He seems to love the book. It's lovely too that the book inspired a trip to Suffolk and St Mary's Church to see for himself Mildred's triumph. Seems he found the ceiling and the setting as magical as I do.

How do I know AN Wilson? I recognised him one day last summer when I was cycling to work across the Regent's Park. There was the writer, columnist and critic who I'd seen on the telly talking so engagingly about Betjeman and Larkin's poetry and lives. Jumping off my bike, I confronted him; would he please read my manuscript if I ever found a publisher? Kind man that he is and despite being incredibly busy, he agreed. Luckily The Huntingfield Paintress found favour with him. It is an unexpected experience to have a famous writer enjoy one's work, as you might imagine.

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