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Why I'm covered in bruises..

On Saturday 23rd April, The Huntingfield Paintress was launched in Suffolk!

Since Suffolk is where the main protagonist of The Huntingfield Paintress, Mildred Holland, lived and worked, it seemed appropriate to launch the book this weekend in St Mary's Church, Huntingfield. Some 90 friends, family and local people were there to celebrate. There was a short Q & A session led by Huntingfield resident Sheila Freeman followed by a reading. Most people sat face to the ceiling, studying what Mildred had done. Urbane publisher Matthew Smith ran the book stall and sold 90 books.

That weekend, there were book signings in Snape Maltings and Southwold bookshops and an author's event in Southwold library. BBC Suffolk Radio's Lesley Dolphin interviewed me a few days earlier so all the events were promted locally.

That's why I'm covered in bruises. All self-inflicted pinching; I can't believe this is happening!

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