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AN Wilson's 'Novel of 2016'  The Spectator 
'The best new novel of the year, for me, was The Huntingfield Paintress by Pamela Holmes ….. The story is a true one, but Holmes has written a profound novel about Mildred Holland’s marriage, and her relationship with her times. A double treat, if you read the book, and then go to see Mildred’s stupendous work for yourself. '  


‘A genuinely original, utterly enchanting story’


‘A slice of Suffolk history brought beautifully to life’

Esther Freud

'An atmospheric and enjoyable story of a singular and free-thinking woman'

Deborah Moggach

'Clever, finely chiselled and immaculately observed, this rich and characterful novel superbly imagines the earthy, elemental world of Victorian England and the sizzling soap opera of village life. Love, death, deceit, artistic intrigue ......'

Mark Ellen


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