So thrilled that The Huntingfield Paintress was re-launched by Bloodhound Books. Love the evocative new cover!


Wyld Dreamers was also re-issued, promoted by a quirky trailer on social media, capturing the novel's dreamy mood:


Author Events:


Oct 14: Shenfield Open Meeting

Nov 23: Leigh-on-Sea


July 7: Suffolk Book League


A recent chat with Deborah Klee on Castaway Books about five favorite books.

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'Wry, vivid and deftly plotted, this account of how youthful follies can come back to haunt you in middle age is a real delight.'

John Preston

'This is a book you’re dying to get back to. Holmes creates a quiet air of tension as she deftly describes the carelessness of youth and its consequences in her endearingly flawed characters. I loved it.'

Hilary Boyd

New Cover THP.jpg

'The best new novel of 2016 for me, was The Huntingfield Paintress by Pamela Holmes ….. The story is a true one, but Holmes has written a profound novel about Mildred Holland’s marriage.'

A.N.Wilson, Spectator 2016


‘A slice of Suffolk history brought beautifully to life’

Esther Freud

'An atmospheric and enjoyable story of a singular and free-thinking woman'

Deborah Moggach